Benefits Of Honey

Benefits Of Natural Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener, ready to enjoy without additional processing. Honey contains more nutrients than processed sugars and generally has a lower GI Index than regular sugars. Honey also has a range of medicinal benefits. Honeyhaven Honey is not heat treated, so it retains all the nutrients and flavours that nature intended. Unprocessed, unheated Jarrah honey can also be a fantastic wound healer, known for its medicinal properties, low glucose levels and an unusually high antimicrobial activity.

Medicinal Benefits Of Jarrah Honey

Jarrah honey has been thoroughly researched by the Department of Agriculture and Food Research Western Australia. The results show that Jarrah honey has special antimicrobial properties, measured in scientific laboratories achieving particularly high readings. The antimicrobial (antibacterial and antifungal) activity of Jarrah honey is derived via natural enzymes in the honey. While the antimicrobial and healing effects of honey have been known for thousands of years, Jarrah honey has become increasingly popular and better

Wounds and Burns: Water molecules strongly react with the sugars in Jarrah honey, leaving little water available for micro-organisms to grow. Bacteria that can cause infections are unable to survive in Jarrah honey because they become dehydrated. Apply Jarrah honey directly onto a wound or topical ulcers to aid healing. Smooth the honey over the affected area, dress with gauze or a plaster and keep dry. Jarrah honey is also useful in aiding the relief of burns (including sunburn) when applied daily. 

Hydrogen Peroxide: Unlike Manuka honey, Jarrah honey contains hydrogen peroxide compounds that create a winning combination of delicious sweetness, antimicrobial effectiveness and an infinite shelf life. The high hydrogen peroxide level in Jarrah honey can inhibit the growth of Golden Staph Bacteria.

Low Glycemic, Low Glucose and High Fructose: Low Glycemic foods are known to reduce insulin response in the body and improve the blood cholesterol level. Low glucose content gives Jarrah honey an infinite shelf life, meaning Jarrah will never crystallise even after thousands of years. Fructose is absorbed more slowly and evenly than glucose, this means that it is perfect for endurance training and diabetics. There is even evidence that foods with high fructose content such as Jarrah honey help to burn fat while you sleep while also increasing stamina.
Ulcers and Sore throats: Jarrah honey helps to fight stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori that cause ulcers and bad breath. Gargle with diluted Jarrah honey to relieve a sore throat.  Mouth ulcers often occur after chemotherapy and can be very painful and uncomfortable.  Roll a teaspoon of Jarrah honey around the mouth and keep it in the mouth for as long as possible to promote healing.

Antioxidant Rich: Jarrah honey contains high levels of antioxidants that are very beneficial to health.One of the most important steps in preventing heart disease, cancer, and brain wasting diseases such as Parkinson's is to eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods. Antioxidants protect health by preventing and repairing damage done to cells by excessive free radicals. CSIRO research shows that the risk of cancer and heart disease is reduced in people who consume 5-7 serves of antioxidant-rich foods a day. Antioxidants provide significant protection against age related degenerative diseases. A 10 ml dollop of Jarrah honey in cup of coffee or hot water or on toast will provide one serve of antioxidants as your sweetener.

Jarrah Honey For Horses: Jarrah honey assists in the treatment of horses with excessive amounts of sand in their stomachs - Sand Colic - (the sand apparently can cause severe illness, even death). Jarrah honey is mixed with the equine feed such as bran and picks up the sand to assist in natural passing through the intestine. This treatment is reputed to be more effective than psyllium treatments.

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