Natural, Pure, Raw Australian Honey

At Honeyhaven Honey™ we source our beautiful Western Australia honey simply, just as nature intended. Honeyhaven Honey™ contains only natural honey as produced by the bees and collected from Western Australia’s beautiful wildflowers and State Forests. Honeyhaven Honey™ is unprocessed and is 100% pure and natural.

Raw Western Australia Honey

Western Australian honey is sought after for the fact that its bees and hives do not suffer the many pests and diseases prevalent in other parts of the world. Our beekeepers do not need to use chemicals or pesticides in our hives, leaving our honey one of the purest in the world. Strict quarantine is in place to protect our honey industry from these diseases. Western Australia has many unique varietal honeys, with our most precious being Jarrah Honey. Jarrah Honey is sought after for its medicinal properties and special health benefits. It is a natural healing elixir with naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic properties that fight germs and bacteria.

Simply Harvested, Pure Honey

Our experienced Apiarists at Honeyhaven Honey™ strategically place our beehives according to the flora that is flowering at any specific time. Our wonderful honey is then harvested as simply as possible, so that you get all the goodness the bees bring back to the hive. You can safely take Western Australian honey out of the state, as we are the only state in Australia to be free of the pests that have afflicted the honey industry in other parts of Australia and around the world.

The Raw Honey Making Process

Honey isn’t just food for humans; its food for bees too! Honey is made from nectar, which is gathered by honey bees and stored in their own special honey stomach. When full, they return to the hive where they deliver the nectar to ‘house bees’ through a mouth-to-mouth process called ‘ripening’. This reduces the moisture content of the nectar by around 16.5%. This ripening process changes the nectar’s sugar, or sucrose, into the honey sugars glucose, fructose and maltose, which are transferred into honeycomb cells. The honey will stay in these cells until it is collected by the beekeeper.
Honey extraction process

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